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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MBBS from China recognized in India?

The Medical council of India (MCI) recognizes the MBBS course of certain approved Universities in China. MBBS graduates from these approved Universities are eligible to practice in India after passing the MCI screening test. As per current rules, all foreign medical graduates are required to appear in the MCI screeing test before they can practice in India.
The list of approved Universities in China is updated every year. This list is prepared by the MCI on basis of the recommendations of the Indian embassy in China. Usually, all Chinese Universities which are authorized by the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE) to conduct MBBS course in English are included in this list.
Please note that a degree from a Chinese University which is not in the list of MCI's approved Universities is not recognized in India. Graduates from non approved Universities cannot appear in the MCI screeing test. So please make sure that you are going to study at an approved University.
Can I get a job in a Government hospital or allied medical institutions in India?
Yes. After clearing the MCI screening test and getting your registration with the State or Central Medical Council, you are eligible for any Government appointment. 
What is MCI Eligibility Certificate?
All students going abroad to study MBBS are required to obtain the eligibility certificate from MCI before commencing their studies. Only students with an Eligibility certificate can appear in the MCI screening test required to practice in India.
What is MCI Screening Test?
The Medical Council of India stipulates that all students studying MBBS programme from Medical Colleges outside India and wanting to practice in India after completion of their programme, need to appear for a "Screening Test".
Are Chinese Universities Government owned or Private?
All Chinese medical university are owned by the Chinese Government.
What is the duration of MBBS course in China?
The duration of all MBBS course in China is 6 Years. This includes 1 Year of practical training. You can choose to do this training in China or India. Most Chinese universities have several affiliated hospitals. If you choose to do your internship in China, your internship would be arranged in these hospitals.
What Chinese Universities can you help me get admission in? offers admission assistance for several Chinese medical universities. We only work with Universities approved by MCI. Please find below a list of Chinese universities we work with: 
Dalian Medical University
Harbin Medical University
Guangxi Medical University
What is eligibility/requirements for MBBS admission in China? Is there an entrance exam? What is the date of the entrance exam?
No entrance exam is required for admission in China. Admission is based on your 10+2 or Intermediate marks. Usually, 60% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology are required. 

Is MBBS in China expensive?

No. MBBS from China is much cheaper compared to studying MBBS at private universities in India. 

For more information about fees & costs, please click here.

Is there any donation or capitation fee?

No. There is no donation or capitation fees.

Can I do internship/training in India?

Yes. You can do your internship/training in India. However, if you would have to arrange it yourself. The University can arrange internship for you in China only. Most students do their internship at the various affiliated hospitals of the University.

What is the medium of instruction/studies?

The medium of instruction/studies is English language. All medical colleges we work with have been authorized to teach in English by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

My age is less than 18. Can I get admission?

Yes. If your age will be at least 17 at the time of entry in the University, it is possible for you get admission in China. You will be required to provide extra documentation for this purpose. We can assist you with the same.

My age is over 30. Can I get admission?

Yes. It is possible for you to get admission. However, your choice of Universities would be more limited. It should be possible for you get admission in Harbin Medical University or Guangxi Medical University (if you meet other criteria for admission). Dalian Medical University is usually very strict about age and will not accept applicants over 30 years of age.

Will you help me obtain a Visa?

For more information about visa, please click here.

What is MBBS Guru? What is relationship between MBBS Guru and Chinese Universities listed on Do you have a branch office in my city?

MBBS Guru is an international education consulting company. MBBS Guru & are owned and operated by CAMPUSIDEA. We are the authorized agent/representative of the Chinese universities featured on our website. Our India office is located in Saharanpur, UP, India. We do not have any other branch offices or affiliates in India.